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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary Capturing developer's activities during development process
Category process
License Other OSI-certified license
Owner(s) apispider

Project description:

ActivitySensor is an Eclipse plug-in that gathers developers' activities during Personal Software Development Process.

Reported activities

The Sensor in its current state is able to record following activites/data:

  • JUnit test case executions
  • Performed refactorings
  • active/passive(idle) time spent on a resource
  • commit activities - The Sensor requires a subclipse plugin installed.
  • Filesystem resource changes - creation/deletion/modification
  • resource type - whether it's java file (class, interface, enum or annotation), JUnit test case or pure text file (eg *.jsp, *.xml, *.xslt ...).
  • Lines of code - when resource change is commited to filesystem

Personal Process Measurement

ActivitySensor generates report which contains summary of activities for each reported commit (on monitored project). Calculated active/pasive time is precise as it can be because it's retrieved from actual developer activities - not by interviews.

The measurement process is transparent for developer. Raw activity data (log - activity file) is stored in monitored project subdirectory - not visible from package explorer view. Activity files are commited to repository automatically by Sensor when commit is reported on monitored project.


The purpose of ActivitySensor is to help in Personal Software Process measurement. Raw activity data contained in activity files can be analyzed for example to look for Test-Driven Development cycles.


The ActivitySensor project is under the Common Public License.

Related resources

  • subclipse - SVN client for Eclipse IDE
  • The Role Of Process Measurement - example of how to analyze developer activities to search for Test-Driven Development cycle patterns.
  • HackyStat - set of tools for collecting measures during development process.